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Israeli conscientious objector Hallel Rabin began serving a 25-day sentence in military prison on Wednesday for refusing to join the Israeli army over its policies toward the Palestinians. See more. Ron, who was only 27 at the time, had been a conscientious objector… Cowardice is, in any case, a moral maze: how much courage did it take to be a. Knowing better than even to apply for conscientious objector, I went about avoiding the draft another way altogether. All three were among the 20,000 men who registered as conscientious objectors ... a death sentence. Conscientious objector, one who opposes bearing arms or who objects to any type of military training and service. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. He was a hard and conscientious worker and became widely known for his ability in debate. It's difficult to see conscientious in a sentence. Earl, a conscientious objector, and wife Pat worked with displaced farmers and unearthed land mines. 130+3 sentence examples: 1. : a person who refuses to serve in the armed forces or bear arms on moral or religious grounds Examples of conscientious objector in a Sentence He registered as a conscientious objector. The conscientious objector was trapped psychologically: he felt guilty if he shared the soldiers’ ordeal and guilty if he did not. conscientious objector. Israeli conscientious objector Hallel Rabin began serving a 25-day sentence in military prison on Wednesday for refusing to join the Israeli army over its policies toward the Palestinians. Sample 1 Based on 1 documents Examples of Conscientious Objector in a sentence An extraordinary character, Kellet was a, 7. ; 2. In 1995 he publicly declared that he was a, 17. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. * Conscientious Objection should be accepted as a human right. What does conscientious mean? Examples of Conscientious in a sentence. 172. Learn more. Swann was a conscientious objector during World War II and was imprisoned. Those who object to a particular war would be called “selective conscientious objectors” and they do not qualify as conscientious objectors under current US law. Casualties up to the present, one Conscientious Objector missing, believed joined up. Find more ways to say conscientious objector, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's … 2. They were assigned to "work of national importance." (EZO/EO/II/YE) Conscientious Objectors Sentence Protested. Conscientious objection must be "sincere and meaningful" and occupy "a place in the life of its possessor parallel to that filled by an orthodox belief in God". A conscientious objector on Welsh nationalist grounds, he served in a Quaker relief unit during the bombing of Liverpool. The socialist conscientious objector has a group loyalty which is as powerful to him as the loyalty of the patriot for his nation. Conscientious objectors opposed to serving in the military will be placed in the Selective Service Alternative Service Program. Begenchov was the first conscientious objector to be sentenced to prison since 2014 (see below). (2) As elsewhere, a too zealous objector is hoist by his own petard. Another word for conscientious objector. Her son Robin was a conscientious objector and was imprisoned in 1918. Many types of jobs are available, however the job must be deemed to make a meaningful contribution to the maintenance of the national health, safety, and interest. 3. Initially a conscientious objector, he joined t Sadie was a conscientious little girl. Finally, in World War II, the draft law exempted from military service those who "by reason of religious training and belief" opposed war. Translations of the phrase TO CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR STATUS from english to spanish and examples of the use of "TO CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR STATUS" in a sentence with their translations: ...request and no automatic right to conscientious objector status existed. I should like to own myself a conscientious objector. 17 sentence examples: 1. How to pronounce conscientious objector. Any mixture of sincere religious, moral, or ethical beliefs can qualify as conscientious objection. How to say conscientious objector. Objector in a sentence. The Supreme Court was called on to interpret the exemption for conscientious objection and its relation to the First Amendment in Welsh v. So I was surprised to hear Langton begin his story by saying he was a. A conscientious objector is a person who refuses to join the armed forces because they think that war is morally wrong. The definition of conscientious is following what you know to be right or true. 3. The film reveals how deeply the conscientious objectors were viewed as pariahs. When granted, they did an alternative service with the civil service or with a socio-cultural organisation. Two of the current conscientious objector prisoners of conscience are serving two-year jail terms and the other ten a one-year sentence (see list at foot of article). Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact: Meaning: n. one who refuses to serve in the armed forces on grounds of conscience. In June, the US military designated Abdo a, 8. When you ask the objector to go to war, you invite him to commit a flagrant sin. It was, in effect, a death sentence. After his baptism, Martin advanced to the battle-field as a, 14. The rule was buttressed by public opinion and by conscientious science. Selective Service System states, "Beliefs which qualify a registrant for conscientious objector status may be religious in nature, but don't have to be. At the last minute, there was a change of heart and their sentences were commuted to 10 years of hard labour. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Conscientious objectors to the military draft were primarily among Tejanos and Germans. Sentencedict.com is a sentence dictionary, on which you can find excellent sentences for a large number of words. Word forms: plural conscientious objectors. 3. Examples of conscientious in a sentence: 1. Learn more. Before his release in August 2016, he spent 14 months in prison for refusing compulsory military service on the grounds of conscience, despite his willingness to serve the community. A registrant making a claim for conscientious objection is required to appear before his local board to explain his beliefs. ‘She put several political leaders who didn't agree with her in jail years before politicians started swarming to cells for reasons other than being conscientious objectors.’ 495. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. How to Apply:In general, once a man gets a notice that he has been found qualified for military service, he has the opportunity to make a claim for classification as a conscientious objector (CO). Objectors could apply for the status of conscience objector. Conscientious Objector Sentencing. Standards, to take positive steps, as a, 11. He may provide written documentation or include personal appearances by people he knows who can attest to his claims. In a press statement made on 1 August 2006 in front of the embassy in Istanbul, Savda had supported the Israeli conscientious objectors Itzik Shabbat and Amir Paster. 15. 2. (3) An objector will immediately point to the lack of stability of this simple, some will say simple-minded, hierarchy. She was conscientious with regard to her duties as examiner. He is a conscientious student. In the 1970s, a different set of defendants faced maximum five-year sentences for their crimes. 2. At the last minute, there was a change of heart and their sentences were commuted to … 16. He was thorough and conscientious, rather than brilliant. 2. conscientious objector in the 1939-45 war. Punch, or … 4. COs were not released until about six months after the end of the war, in order to give most soldiers a head-start when looking for jobs. Conscientious objector Song In-ho However, the decision didn’t come quickly enough for In-ho. Carrie is a conscientious worker who completes every task. conscientious objector in a sentence - Use "conscientious objector" in a sentence 1. The number of conscientious objectors numbered in the thousands during the Vietnam War, with many objectors, and others, viewing the conflict as an unjust war. The Professional Aunt Mary C.E. 4. Most people chose this as the best definition of conscientious-objector: One who on the basis of r... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. It is an exacting time for the conscientious proprietor. His written statement might explain: 1. how he arrived at his beliefs; and 2. the … "conscientious consumption" in a sentence, "conscientious objection to military taxation" in a sentence, "conscientious objector support group" in a sentence, "conscientious objectors commemorative stone" in a sentence, "conscientious scholarship" in a sentence, Pinter was born and raised in National Service as a, Potential draftees could seek deferments in hardshi cases or as, During the First World War Tillard was energised into helping, In the First World War he was imprisoned as a, During World War II he was briefly imprisoned as a, In other cases, local prosecutors have brought criminal charges against, His career started during the Second World War as a, During the First World War he was imprisoned as a, By June 1916 he was writing in support of, No civil disobedience for these far-from-, Schrempf was convinced that a Christian must be a, During the First World War he served as a. 1. Sentence reduced for US conscientious objector 12 February 2010, 00:00 UTC Amnesty International has welcomed the US military authorities' reduction of a prison sentence being served by a US army sergeant, who refused to serve in Afghanistan because of his religious beliefs as a Christian. 122. "She's very conscientious and has worked hard. Be conscientious and make a good job of publishing. countable noun. Rabin, 19, from Kibbutz Harduf in northern Israel, arrived at Tel Hashomer conscription base on Monday, where she was brought before the IDF’s conscientious objectors committee. 1. Conscientious Objector means a person who swears in a written affidavit under penalty of perjury, that she/he will not wear a mask because of health-related, religious or ethical beliefs. Mejia, the first known Iraq veteran to refuse combat, applied for, 15. 248. Conscription was mandatory to all able-bodied Belgian males until 1994, when it was suspended. conscientious. Life sentence The former would last 1.5 times as long as the shortest military service, the latter twice as long. Pinter was born and raised in National Service as a conscientious objector. Alex was conscientious and he would never ask his employees to do anything he wouldn't do. 1. Although none of death sentences was carried out, almost 150 objectors were jailed for life, and others were harassed and beaten. Civilian service was possible since 1963. Because my brother is a conscientious objector, he refuses to serve in the military. Although Jack is a conscientious student, he failed yesterday’s math test. The nurse is satisfied, the aunt is released, and the conscientious objector is wheeled away. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers. Some conscientious objectors refuse to submit to any of the procedures of compulsory conscription.Although all objectors take their position on the basis of conscience, they may have varying religious, philosophical, or political reasons for their beliefs. He was as much of an objector as Mr. Crabbe, but he dealt in irony rather than in blunt scorn. 2. Very good and conscientious work. Recent Examples on the Web Another conscientious objector was Adida, the guy who was literally building the hardware for Microsoft's demo in Fulton. A Conscientious Objector is defined as "an individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience and or religion" by the United Nation's Human Rights Commission. Turkeys Human Rights Association has said a 25 month prison sentence passed by a military court against conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan is wrongful and unacceptable, calling for an end to repression of those objecting to war. Use "conscientious" in a sentence Robert Long was a conscientious and brave officer, whose reputation suffered as a result of certain character flaws. A person who for reasons of conscience objects to complying with a particular requirement, especially serving in the armed forces. 5. This essay is a m (1) I should like to own myself a conscientious objector. Most people chose this as the best definition of conscientious-objectors: Plural form of conscienti... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. This program attempts to match COs with local employers. 1. In my neighborhood, conscientious people are working to protect our environment. 3. When he received his draft notice in 1917, York filed as a ", 13. We are generally very conscientious about our work. Conscientious objector Halil Savda received a five-month prison sentence under article 318 of the Turkish Criminal Law (TCK) because of a press release critic of Israel's invasion of Lebanon.. ; 3. 2. The objectors still served. Conscientious objector definition, a person who refuses on moral or religious grounds to serve in the armed forces or to bear arms in a military conflict. Wemyss A conscientious objector told the Cambridge tribunal that he could not pass a butcher's shop without shuddering. 1. They … * The treatment of Conscientious Objectors as deserters and the vicious cycle between barracks and prison should come to an end with required legislation. A conscientious objector is a person who refuses to join the armed forces because they think that it is morally wrong to do so. I wonder, any chance I can apply to be a conscientious objector? The conservative objector may not know how the most important bills are often passed in Congress. Conscientious-objector definitions One who on the basis of religious or moral principles refuses to bear arms or participate in military service. sentence examples. conscientious objector meaning: 1. a person who refuses to work in the armed forces for moral or religious reasons 2. a person who…. During World War II, Hume declared himself a conscientious objector. He falls in love with Andrew, a young conscientious objector working as an orderly. In the 1960s and 1970s, Pat and Earl Martin served in Vietnam through Mennonite Central Committee.

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