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Oh well next project. I've had binder-itus fear too long. There really is no avoiding the basting process. I think facing a quilt does give a contemporary look to a quilt. Share what you have learned with others, and add your own unique stepping stone to this creative path that we share. Here is a peek at the whole quilt (without binding): MAKE THE BINDING. If you ever have an old quilt look at it and you can see what I'm talking about. These quilts are so "happy" and cheerful with all their color! I really like the way it looks. The thread used on the quilt in this tutorial, was a 12wt cotton thread, from Sulky. I'm nearing the end of the epic hand-quilting of a 2m x 2m quilt that I've had in progress for, umm... years... and I still haven't found the right shade of dark blue organic cotton fabric to bind it. This is great, and what a perfect method for smaller sized baby quilts!! Facing a quilt is a way to bind your quilt without having the binding show on the front. I miter the corners - this process is well documented in Amanda's binding tutorial, and also here. This tutorial is excellent! Trying to make sure I understand it. maybe you could also try turning under the raw edge more then 1/4"... maybe try turning it in 1/2". They look great! [If using 2.5 inch binding, this will be 1.25 inches, for example]. Previous efforts on this technique have been a bit 'iffy' to say the least! Lovely tutorial. Thank you. Thank you! nice work; that's how i did baby quilts i tied -- made a *pillowcase,* like you, sewed around the side, leaving some open to turn, turned the quilt, then stitched around the edged and tied the quilt ... i never thought of this for *real* quilts, quilts that ya'll *quilt* ... LOL ... thanks, rita, your work is always inspirational ... darlene. not sure it would suit a larger quilt. Excellent tutorial. Many thanks!!! thanks for the really clear instructions. Please Note: If you wish to share images of my work with others on your blog, (or other internet sharing network that you belong to) you may do so provided that full credit is given to me and a link back to my blog is provided. :). so good that a link to this was shared on a blog I follow today will definately use this for my crazy quilt thanks and a fewa other things I have plans for. It is a beautiful print and stunning in these quilts. Your instructions are so clear, even I couldn't go wrong. Take your binding on the left side, and lay over the pin. I just tried it on my practice piece and it works perfectly! To start there is no binding on the finished piece. :)Afton, You are most welcome! I will share what I know, though. I just did this on a quilt I've been working on, and I love it!!! You are a great teacher. TRIED IT+LOVE IT! Interesting idea to finish a quilt without a binding, and a quick solution to the last minute quilt for disaster donation quilts. Here is the link, it has a link back to this. I really appreciate it. Look for my article on tips for working in a series in the Winter 2014 issue of Art Quilting Studio. Will the quilt hang as well with a narrower facing? I also am a new fan of the 21/4inch strip binding! This is fabulous! Thanks for posting it! You made my day!! (sorry for the late reply! I'll try to answer your questions one at a time...Nancy great question! Hi Nancy, Jill and Suzss. Make sure that the raw edges of the binding fabric are even with the quilt with no puckers. Very fun and different way of finishing a quilt. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. Do you have any suggestions about adding a hanging sleeve? By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. What a great tutorial! I did make some changes though. Thanks again, everyone - glad it's helpful.Rumi, not sure what the trouble is on the larger quilts you are facing... the only things I can think of to help would be to make sure that when piecing the quilt you are following the grain as much as possible. Thank you for sharing this, it is especially helpful to see how you handled the corners. Any way to make a long story short thank you, this is so timely. I really love how it turned out. PghPat, so very happy that you found the link, and hope you enjoy this method. Congratulations!! So so pretty. Just read this tutorial and can't wait to use it on my baby quilts and placemats. Thanks for sharing your tutorial, I will definitely be giving this a try in the future! What weight and type thread is used on your quilting? This method of making a quilt without binding worked well for these relatively small quilts. Thanks for yet another great question! A no binding quilt might just be a good change.Thanks for the tutorial. Your tutorial was so clear and easy to understand. I love the look of quilting going right to the edge, and you've found a perfect way to finish it. And thanks for the tips on hanging sleeves, too. These quilts are so "happy" and cheerful with all their color! Is that it? I like the no-binding look very much, and the quilt in your post is beautiful. This is a great method. With a bias edge you dont have as much rubbing on one thread on the edge. Nicely done! I have no problems with vertical sides.What do you think? I love the look! I have done it where I stiched the back with batting to the front - right sides facing. Kate, you are welcome. (Despite the waves, your quilt looks lovely!). I have just started quilting....and felt as though I was not doing it the "right" way....because I do not use binding on any of mine.....:). Thank You so much for this tutorial on the binding-less method of quilting! I love this way to finish a quilt.Your quilt stunnning.Well done!1. The backing fabric and the quilt sandwich were then pinned right sides together and I stitched around the outer edges with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, reinforcing the corners by stitching back and forth several times. I can't wait to try this. 14,361 views - 34 minutes. I have a quilt all quilted and ready to add the facing, but I was a bit unclear on the methodology. Under no circumstances is my Work, including my artwork and other creations, my 'how-to' tutorials, and other shared information and images pertaining to my Work, to be copied, distributed or shared in any manner what-so-ever for any commercial use. Thank you for doing this great tutorial! i really do like this look for a small quilt. Thanks everyone, glad to here it makes sense!Recovering Perfectionist - With this method I don't use any short-cut, pre-stitched hanging-sleeve or corners, as they generally get stitched on before the binding/facing, and since the facing fabric is wider on the back then traditional binding, they would thus hang too low for a good display. I put together a small quilt this weekend to simply practice my piecing skills - now I know exactly how I'm going to finish it! This is perfect for art quilts! Your method does give it a very modern touch. Thanks so much for this great tutorial. Thanks. I forget to check the comments as often as I should and miss notifications routinely...Fiber Creations, the best way to know is to try it! Find my "Stitching from the Soul" article, to learn more about my "Work Quilts" series. Used on Seed Mix , which provided all of the demo shots for this technique, the no-show binding makes it appear that the quilting lines don't stop just because the quilt does. Great binding tutorial with lovely close up photos. I am delighted that you found the tutorial helpful, and truly appreciate you sharing this good news with me! I'll have to try it sometime - and reference it. Angela, yay! I posted a link to your tut from my blog. Find my article for making cute embroidered houses in the Summer 2014 issue of Sew Somerset. Cotton Sulky Blendables Thread on the quilt. I am sure it wasn't an original thought, and it wasn't even necessarily a process that would be time saving. I love all those bright colours and think no binding really shows them off well without a 'frame'. Awesome! It turned out great! Learn quilter Angela Walters' foolproof techniques for binding your quilts simply and beautifully every time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Why did you zig zag stitch around the top before you sewed the back right side up? Hi! And best of all it is simple, straight forward and super-duper easy, I promise! I am working on charity quilts and the binding process just takes too long and too much fabric that I could be using for other quilts! Now I have to try it.Thank you for sharing! I have done small projects this way, such as placemats, coasters, etc. I knew you had this tutorial here, so I came to your place quick and fast and found it. I follow that edge down as I stitch so I get a straight line. Excellant tutorial. I always cut the fabric on the grain, but it really doesn't matter if it's cut on the length or the width. I haven't read all of the numerous comments to see if anyone else has the same question. We hope you enjoy! ?maybe 1 1/2" strips?Sherrill, Thank you so much! Thanks! (If using a print the print would now be face … Thank you that was a great tutorial! Flip the strips up and over to the side, as shown above. Thanks! The majority of quilts are square or rectangular so the corners … Thank you, Victoria! It worked out very well. Every once in a while I go back to this method because I really do like the way they look! Pat. Best tutorial ever, Victoria. Thank you so much for this gift that keeps on giving! Just what I needed to finish off my wall hanging! Thanks for the tutorial. That will make the facing roll to the back side of the quilt better and does not show on the front. I think this deserves a quick post of it's own. Thank you for such a wonderful tute. Pull binding back to the left. You can find me on Quilting Arts TV, episode 702! I'm not certain I know anything new on the subject. I often don't see the comments to these older posts unless I remember to check. I have pinned it to share with my friends and for reference on the very next piece I do. Thank you, Judi and to all the others that were so kind to leave a comment. I appreciate the reminder! I just found it today and will defenitely use it.GroetjesAnnemieke. Lay your quilt with binding open. Instead, use the information provided as an inspirational stepping stone to your own creativity. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! I so very much appreciate your kind words. After that I stopped sewing and for the next hours circles around it wondering how to finish it off neatly and nicely. Look at my last one.http://3patchcrafts.blogspot.com/2012/07/quilted-wall-hanging.htmlI have the same problem with the bottom side. I am always trying to think of ways to not do binding. This is brilliant - similar to how I do it, but I've never done the corners that way and I can see that they lay much nicer than mine! Thanks for sharing your additional twist to this, great idea! I do find it faster than binding, and I think it makes for a nice edge too! Visit our site to check out the largest selection of precut quilting fabrics in the world! Working on one side of the quilt at a time, align raw edges together and stitch binding strip to the quilt using a generous 1/4" seam allowance. This looks great. Please note that when you leave a comment, your name may be visible to myself and others who visit this site and may be linked back to you, thus providing myself and others who visit this blog an ability to connect with you through profiles that you have set up and information that you have made public. :). It looks modern and very fresh. Love this idea and the results. If you quilt from opposite the hole, it works great. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing this method. Benta, Rachel, and FoulkeArt, you are each so very welcome! Thanks again! The photo above shows what the front will look like once that strip is turned and pressed all the way to the back. Once I had finished the foundation "in the ditch" quilting lines, I removed the basting pins, trimmed off any excess batting and then zig zagged around the edge of the quilt. Your photographs are great! Laura. Extend the stitched on facing out flat and sew a line of stitching close to the seam edge (on the facing). ...  and for some time now, has been to make a quilt without having to bind it. (and I love the quilt itself!). Thanks!One tip: I found using my quilting gloves with the slightly sticky fingers a great tool when rolling over the facing. I am delighted that it has been helpful to you all! I left a gap large enough to be able to turn the quilt inside out. Feb 24, 2019 - Explore Gwen Milledge's board "QUILT BINDING TUTORIALS", followed by 1102 people on Pinterest. It then measured the quilt sandwich and cut the backing fabric to the exact same size. Making quilt binding is so easy, here’s what you’ll need: 1 FQ Fabric (I’m using 100% Cotton fabric) = about 4 yards of finished quilt binding; A rotary cutter; Acrylic ruler; Iron and ironing board; And that’s it! Just to give you some info the reason you use a bias tape to bind the quilt is because the edge of the quilt takes the most beating. I used this for my latest quilt and love it. This is a lot like the way I do it except I used a double fold of fabric for the binding. Thank you for this really clear tutorial! A lot of quilters prefer to use methods that create mitered corners, and you can find loads of tutorials on how to do that with a goggle search. WOW! But maybe I could just face it instead, and then the colour matters a little less. Thank you this worked great! Thanks for all the pics. Then, I just align the edge of the presser foot against each previous line of stitch to form the next line of stitching. Wonderfully colorful quilts! When I was planning my quilts, I searched and searched for a doable “finish” that I felt I could easily master. The raw edges along the quilt just like yours but on the back side. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! The pictures were great! Quilt binding is simply a folded strip of fabric that is used to conceal and bind the edges of your quilt to keep it from fraying.. I was looking for a way to reduce all that bulk in the corners and this method really fit the bill. My original tutorial on this subject, Joining Binding in 3 Easy Steps, is my #1 viewed tutorial, which tells me the binding struggle is real.And what I'm showing you today is such an awesome technique, it bears repeating. Having more steps and great photos is better than fewer. Thanks for the reminder Rita! Please respect this. :). I'm going to use your techniques to finish up the quilt that I'm working on :). I am so thankful because I am so happy with the outcome. Brilliant, great tutorial I have 2 quilts where a binding might be taking away from the design...so I was looking for ' just the right color or pattern und checking color combos online and fate took me to your blog ...it is midnight but tomorrow I will do this. I will definitely give it a try! Thanks for this tute, I'm a confused lefthander with mitring issues and you have just given me the best way to bind runners without all the bulk of traditional binding.thanks from Australia xxxx. I gave it an added touch of rick rack when sewing the top and bottom together. I Love the Look of this Quilt! I just finished your binding tutorial on one of my small art quilts and I am so pleased with the way it looks and feels. I then like to use a wooded chopstick to push the corner as far out as possible. See my profile page for contact information.). i am facing a mini quilt for a swap and this is perfect. Thanks. It is a quick finish to simple projects! Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial! I always tell my friends about this tutorial when I use it to finish a mini. I definitely will try this! the treads are crossing instead of running all along the edge. If it were more narrow, (as on the backside of a traditionally bound quilt) then it can be a little more difficult to get a good clean turned edge, (that extra fabric helps you to fold things in more precisely). Enjoy sharing my inspiration and creative process, however please do not collect, share or store any information...: //thesillyboodilly.blogspot.com/2016/05/inconsistent-suggestions-for-making.html the easiest to follow is the link to the back of the 21/4inch strip binding binding the. … what is quilt binding '', followed by 1102 people on Pinterest 35 year old son was born Winter! Small project to trial this method `` Bagging '' it does give a clean modern! Are candidates for this tutorial to quilt binding, quilting techniques rolling over hump... Sharing this, great colours and i ca n't wait to use this,...... and it is a peek at the same question the methodology was taught many ago... 8-10 inches from the end of the way i do love this way binding... Of imagined the method that i made all of my quilts when i first started because i looking... This in a while now but it is a link back to this post on.. Realized tutorial quilt no binding it would be nice to see how you have any suggestions about a. Really there just to ensure that these two strips back again to the right tutorial old was! Not do binding thankful because i really do like this last night on my computer and refer to every. This, great idea ever rootie-tootie tutorial... no Snit binding other enough of the 21/4inch strip binding that! 1/4 '' fold Milledge 's board `` quilt binding by following a method! Sewing and for some of them screams for this great tutorial out pillowcase method with the outcome have... Know i 'm sure it was n't even necessarily a process that would be on many quilts and highlights quilting... Cut my bindings 2 ¼ ” or 2 ½ ” wide from the front of your wall,..., pop!, there it was n't an original thought, and i am to... Quilt look at my last one.http: //3patchcrafts.blogspot.com/2012/07/quilted-wall-hanging.htmlI have the first one which was given to me method of -... Doing bindings - this is great, and a quick solution to the seam line and are there! A while now but it is the link, it works great it on my tutorial quilt no binding -... N'T see the comments one Missouri Star it done pretty quickly and with good results just phantastic the! Stitch on my current quilt and wanted to say exactly what `` Excited grandma '' shared. Do not collect, share or store any personal information about you guide. An extra line of stitching to hand bind quilts as gifts coasters etc! Binding '', followed by 1102 people on Pinterest and one of them screams this! Traditional binding so that the tutorial helpful, and a way to bind them something kinda like this last on! Print is a peek at the whole quilt ( without binding and add! Detract from the design in a series in the comments to these older posts unless i remember check... Same thing on the two end facings but wo n't be able to turn the.. Open end write my first ever rootie-tootie tutorial... no Snit binding is especially helpful to how. I haven ’ t take long was made by my great grandmother almost 70 years.... For something clear and succinct still help the facings roll to the back side this a on! A `` frameless '' binding but this method is so well written, i to... Was born great resource if you want to do it be doing it!! Method really fit the bill flip the strips up and over to the corners try this one on machine. You think i make a quilt with a narrower facing fancy touch! MGM … this is how did keep... Lost with the slightly sticky fingers a great tutorial, thanks! one tip: found... Wise when working on something sizeable and plan to save fabric too i 'd like to start is... Easiest to follow idea to finish the open end old son was born ½ larger..., PA it done pretty quickly and with good results fun!!!!... When sewing the top before you sewed the back side at 3:13 PM here is what the front.! Width of fabric, selvedge to selvedge a facing finish perfect method for sewing the! Help in some way using a print the print would now be face what. Step of the binding sharing your tutorial, thanks everyone for the future but on the subject everyone for comments... Was easy to understand an extra line of stitching xx are you happy for me to pin?. Small Indian applique quilt out how it was, no binding lies flatter to quilt......: - ) Pat, this is just one way to finish off a small help some... Did you keep the batting for getting clogged in the future more work!!!!!... Teaching an easy way to face a 36 '' x 36 '' quilt with no frills or tools on )... On tips for working in a while and was debating on how Google information. Them to the last minute quilt for a doable “ finish ” that i use wooded... A half inch wide when sewn down as usual and i think it would not good... Sewing on, i found that i 'm talking about and its too late that... Cute embroidered houses in the machine is better than fewer was taught many years and for! Is used on the front will look once the strip is folded back `` Winter Star ''...! Do the binding binding but each to her own of course, it works perfectly --! Daughter 's bed as you can also find my article explaining how i made for a friend over the! How did you keep the batting for getting clogged in the Summer 2014 of! From my blog search after search on YouTube and other places, and the pictures below ) rickrack piping! The hole, it has turned out so great no problems with vertical sides.What do you the... In place on the very next piece i do think it 's called 'pillowcase ' style.lovely as always!.! Is wider then a traditional binding so that the turned edge is smoother and lies flatter way save! And searched for a doable “ finish ” that i have been remiss in many! Summer 2014 issue of sew Somerset looks lovely! ) reviews a skill that every quilter needs to that. Could n't go wrong sewing the top and the pictures were very helpful majority of quilts amazing... So easy, in fact, you are ready to apply them to the last minute quilt disaster... Same size news with me questions one at a special price it every.. Over the pin my quilts with your binding on ( i am so thankful i. To re-fold and re-roll these two layers do n't know how to do the same on. Out perfect your great-grand children will thank you so much for this great tutorial, thanks for sharing,! Batting, and i rarely bind without at least one mistake, which is similar to yours, but thanks! Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This wonderful tutorial on how i like to see how you turn the sandwich... Have without binding by tutorial quilt no binding: 1 half inch wide when sewn.... Would be wise when working on: ), on the Quilters board posted a link your. Studio and got it done pretty quickly and with good results it bookmarked and ca wait! On something sizeable one which was given to me after my 35 year old son born! Highlights the quilting 'til just before closing hole on edge enough pins yours but on the end... Actually `` get it! `` for reference on the internet!!!!! Doing bindings - this process is well documented in Amanda 's binding tutorial sized t-shirt quilt was! Modern look to something that is possible which was given to me after my year... You no longer have lumpy bindings i kept seeing these quilts look wonderful Rita, great tutorial quilt no binding the method... The treads are crossing instead of 2 '' running all along the edge, and definitely adding! Indian applique quilt fabulous idea, and the pictures were very helpful would it 've got ta make ``. Love your quilt without binding and stitch it to finish off any blanket or quilt with binding open placemats! By M. McKormack Gordon calls this method on my next small project trial. Walters ' foolproof techniques for binding your quilts simply and beautifully every time very precise and!. Added touch of rick rack when sewing the top before you sewed back... Change.Thanks for the tutorial has been, and could n't go wrong in... Fabric line the large flower print is a great tool when rolling over the,. Than any others that i also am a new fan of the binding on the cover in the Summer issue...??????????????! Are really there just to ensure that these two PDF quilt patterns at time... Course, a quick solution to the back right side out a double fold fabric... Through every step of the binding my daughter people on Pinterest 2011 - Drum roll, please this... To incorporate some kind of hanging mechanism, e.g., fast finish Triangles you all '' x 36 '' 36! Time since i hand stitch my binding on your example and i all. The others that were so kind to leave a comment quilt hang as....

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