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Miramichi leader in obituaries and funeral announcements. a whaling brig called the Williams. Ted was born on November 24, 1937 in New York City and is predeceased by his parents, Edward J. Bransfield and Agnes Sullivan (Archibald Veghte); and sister, Margaret "Peg" (George) Wood. 4 of 12 documents 1 of 12 documents View all. He appears to have been fairly well educated and British explorer born c. 1795 died 1852 English naval officer believed to have been the first to sight the Antarctic mainland and to chart a portion of it. Edward Bransfield – Sighting of Antarctica, 30 January 1820. He was raised by his adoptive parents, Billy and Louise Bransfield, of Gardiner Point, NB.He is survived by two Dau … In 1803, when he was just eighteen years old, he was impressed into the Royal Navy. He had a successful career, advancing to quartermaster and midshipman in 1808, and to second master in April 1813. And the person at the very heart of this historic discovery on the Williams 200 years ago was its proficient navigator Edward Bransfield, from Cork. Under Bransfield’s command, the Williams arrived at the South Shetlands in January 1820, landed on King George Island to take formal … Contents: 1 Early life. Edward Bransfield was born about 1785. Edward Bransfield began as an Ordinary Seaman and steadily rose through the ranks; by 1816, he was Master of the Severn, which he … He played in Major League Baseball (MLB) from 1898 to 1911 for the Boston Beaneaters, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago Cubs. After a brief major league stint with Boston in 1898, … Most Cork people were unaware of his achievements. Master aboard the ship HMS Andromache at Valparaiso, Chile, Bransfield was appointed to sail the two-masted brig Williams in order to chart the recently sighted South Shetland Islands, which lie near the Antarctic Peninsula. In 1894 he went behind the bat, and the following year … It is believed Bransfield was born around 1785. William Herschel was astronomer and composer of music. I first raised the name of Edward Bransfield in this column several months ago. Michael wrote about Edward Bransfield’s voyage in ‘Great Endeavour – Ireland’s Antarctic Explorers’ and his latest book is the first full biography of Sir Ernest Shackleton in a generation, ‘Shackleton – By Endurance We Conquer’. Born in Ballinacurra, County Cork, this sailor — press-ganged into the Navy at 18 — was a classic example of someone being in the right place at the right time, to unwittingly carve out their own piece of history: namely, being the first man to sight mainland Antarctica. Edward Bransfield was born in Ballinacurra, Ireland, around 1785. Bransfield, an enigmatic and half-forgotten figure, … A German-born British astronomer, William Herschel, discovered Uranus in 1781. Team South are honored to be travelling those same seas … Very little is known about his early life; we do not even know what he looked like. Universalium; Interpretations; Translations; Books; Universalium  Bransfield, Edward British explorer. Very little is known about his early life; we do not even know what he looked like. He’d pace the deck long after the others . Born in Miramichi, he was the son of James Denny and Dorothy Ward. This ‘voyage … Edward Bransfield was born in County Cork, Ireland, circa 1783. In 1808, he was … He was appointed master of Phoebe in May 1815, continuing to … Edward Bransfield was born in Ballinacurra, County Cork, in 1785. Edward lived in 1930, at address, New York. Edward Bransfield's ship Williams BY: Michael Smith January 13, 2020. shares 657. In June 1803, he was pressed into the Royal Navy from a merchant vessel as an ordinary seaman and by August 1805 had been promoted to able seaman. His peaceful life changed dramatically in the summer of 1803, when the feared press-gangs from the British navy descended on … However, not very much is known about Bransfield’s early life. Born in Ballinacurra in1785 he was “impressed” – a polite term for forcefully recruited - into the British Navy from the deck of his father’s fishing boat during the Nepoleonic Wars in 1803. Edward Bransfield’s story began in the small community of Ballinacurra, near Midleton, Co. Cork, where he was born in 1785. Edward had one sibling: Arthur D Bransfield. Bransfield began his career in baseball as an outfielder with shop teams in Worcester. Baptised into the Anglican Faith at St. Mary’s Parish church, Union of Clonmel Cove on 01 July 1866, he married a Mary McLaughlin of Sligo in Cove and they had two children, Maryanne Bransfield and Robert Christopher Bransfield. After surviving the Napoleonic wars, he was given his first command and told to investigate reports of a new land south of Cape Horn. Early life. Sailing … Edward Bransfield (1785 – 1852) was a master in the Royal Navy and arguably the discoverer of the continent of Antarctica. and serving as pilot on board. Playing career. Edward Bransfield Island in Antarctica. RU; DE; FR; ES; Remember this site . It is assumed that he received a decent education and was impressed into the Royal Navy in 1803. ent, yet Bransfield is a largely unrecognised figure from the past whose great discovery has been plagued by controversy for two cen-turies. Mary Mc Laughlin died giving birth to Patrick Christopher in 1895.

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