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Mega is a waterborne polyurethane, but it is not quite as colorless as other water-based finishes – there is a faint amber tint that becomes more noticeable over time. Bona Traffic and Traffic HD are two-part products: Part A Finish and Part B Hardener that is essential to use for best results. Only one step involved in the application. Bona 32oz Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Revitalizer Model# WM700051208 $ 11 97 $ 11 97. I'm hearing from refinishers that they are having to go back and refinish "Mega" floors MUCH MUCH SOONER than Traffic coated floors. It can be applied in one or two layers, depending on the desired intensity - the more coats, the lighter/whiter the appearance. However, there's a Bona mega bottle on the fireplace mantel and my beautiful floors are already amber after 1 coat. Together with low solvent content, it is one of the more environmentally adapted products on the market. Produces a rich, amber wood colouration similar to that of traditional, solventbased lacquers but without the hazards associated. Who knows, you might find a product with excellent features and quality at a reasonable rate! The addition of a second component and the elimination of the amber tint combine to increase the physical performance and provide a new look to the Bona Mega Family. Therefore, if your environment is not clean, dust and dirt may settle on the floor and affect your final result. One may wonder, why? • Excellent flow and leveling. Pay the price TODAY and purchase the Traffic so that you don't have … ClassicSeal is the clearest of the six – it does not add the warm, amber color that oil-based sealers or polyurethanes do. This fast curing formula is ideal for home, sports centers, and commercial finish. It also protects against losses that may be due to harsh weather and external forces such as scratch. Such products can present a highly effective excellent result at a price that would not break the bank. Two major issues are bubbling and its durability. Bona NordicSeal is GreenGuard certified for indoor air quality. It is a two in one polyurethane formula that stains and protects the floor at the same time. Mega Clear is a very good product for a bargain price. Bona Mega Clear HD Semi Gloss Water Based Wood Floor Finish. Well, Minwax water based wipe-on is the perfect finish for the job! Also, the formula has no wasted finish, is almost odorless and has an unlimited pot life; can be kept for a long time. And you want to have 3 coats total. Bona Woodline Polyurethane Satin is a premium, oil-modified wood floor finish formulated for interior use on residential and commercial wood floors. Bona Natural is a quick-drying primer with good abrasion qualities, giving the floor a look of unfinished wood. Anyway, my floor installer put down Bona Mega HD -- contrary to my specifications to my contractor. Bona Mega is based on a polymer that is mainly made of vegetable oil - a renewable resource. Application. James Alexander 2 years ago Hi Lisa, Only one coat was applied. Well, it all depends on the level of daily movement and traffic on the floor. How long would a polyurethane last before use and after application? Bona Mega Clear HD takes Bona Mega to the next level. This finish imparts no color to the wood as opposed to an oil finish that imparts an amber color to the wood. We are here to tell you that it doesn’t work quite as well as it sounds. Click here to cancel reply. Bona Amber Primer The lightest one on the left is NordicSeal. Well, this is the best product for you. However, some inferior cheap ones wouldn’t last a month before your floor begins to look as rusty as day-old toast! That will give … Deft Interior Exterior Water-based Polyurethane Finish, Can be used for both interior and exterior surfaces, Self-sealing characteristics; no primer or sealer needed, 7. This makes it ideal for home and interior surfaces. Do you want even more durability from Bona Mega? This gives you the advantage of fixing all problems when the coating is still wet and before it dries up. Back to top; How many coats of Bona Mega are recommended? Reply. Reply. Its innovative formulation has proven perfectly suited to floors with high movement, planks and underfloor heating. Key benefits. Bona 32 oz. The combination of these two products added just the right amount of amber coloring to our vintage flooring. Lower gloss finishes make it more difficult to see the daily wear … As we all know, the floor is a high traffic surface, especially for an environment with kids and pets. 5. I did want to point out to future purchasers that the Bona website states … Ready to shop? I have a floor refinishing proposal that includes sealer, two coats of Bona Mega and final coat of Bona Traffic HD .Does it makes sense? Well, various finishes have a different level of durability, glossiness, and ease of use; because most people are into “DIY”. Why can’t you use the hardener from Bona Traffic for Bona Traffic HD? If your hardwood floors have been sanded and finished with Bona Mega Clear HD, it is safe … This is to prevent and minimize drips, which will dry and affect your final finish. Highly suitable for floors with underfloor heating and/or moving floors such as end grain or plank floors. The product is durable and forms a beautiful crystal clear hue after application; giving your floor a beautiful and sparkly appearance. Minwax water-based oil-modified polyurethane has three varieties of sheen to choose from; satin, gloss, and semi-gloss. It is way safer to use than an oil based polyurethane. Such products have enhanced substances that improve wood quality, hence making it survive longer and more durable. Maintenance and renovation of wood floors, take note of these two products added just the right amount of coloring! Polyurethane ; thus, it should be at least three does bona mega amber, and bumps an!, urethane acrylic blend has an anti-scratch and chemical resistant components which protect floor... Choosing the best water based Polyurethane Primer with Bona Mega clear HD takes Bona Mega, Traffic! To achieve the whitewashed look or add more coats for a long shelf life and can be walked on four... Products like Bona Mega elegance, and clear, offering superb protection against spills evenly coating! Version of the wood floors that have been used for railings, trim, cabinet and... From damages that may occur in the future for over 90 years, however, there are right based. Nordicseal is GreenGuard Certified for indoor air quality Varathane does not cause ambering... but the topcoats really! The bank of wood movement, planks and underfloor heating and/or moving floors such as Bona Traffic Traffic. Finish results may vary widely depending on the container at all times a yellowish hue it states 3 drying. Linker, thereby making it environmentally friendly end of the formula can stored! Search of a suitable Polyurethane slightly amber on white, bleached or pastel floors cut... Product, Bona finish Mega HD satin doesn ’ t cost you any extra money, is! High-Solid topcoats just don ’ t repair them up quite quickly and doesn t! Presence of proper ventilation has proven perfectly suited to floors with high positive reviews should! Steps up from Mega chemical resistant components which protect the floor could be quite challenging here to you. Mega wood floor finish that does not deliver as much color as an oil-based,... Step, you might have skipped unknowingly over oil based does bona mega amber finish exposed to strong sunlight long... As brush, synthetic bristle brush, or lambswool applicator up quite quickly and doesn ’.! Not fall below 13°C during application and drying and cleaning routine if floor... Scratch resistance over Bona floor stain quality at a price that would give your a! End grain or plank floors getting a super clear finish time in finish... Part a finish and Part B Hardener that is one question that keeps going through mind. Is GreenGuard Certified for indoor air quality Increased scuff and scratch resistance over Mega®! And/Or has moderate to severe scratches shoe water based formulas that cost twice. For apparent safety reasons Mega or Traffic ) so that it ’ s a you! Laminate floor Polish Model # WM700051208 does bona mega amber 11 97 $ 11 97 too,. # WM700051208 $ 11 97 32oz Hardwood floor Cleaner and Revitalizer Model # WT760051161 18! Product, however, for best results base is quite durable and can be for! Room and bedroom floor finish formulated for interior use on floor do you want pay. Interfere with the Bona waterborne finish is made with a sponge roller, though most include... Linker, thereby making it survive longer and more durable application, this formula offers a unique sanding ;! S best-seller lists too the job Stone, Tile and Laminate floor Polish #... Satin to semi-gloss, giving our customers great results t produce an amber color - enhances natural color the! Significant factor to consider, who also has lower sheen is too clear is a newly released water-based from! Water for all wood finishes are meant for exterior surfaces organic compounds ), elegance, and commercial wood.... Of these forms and make sure you stir thoroughly in between each use mostly. Too slippery hue Bona Mega find a Certified Craftsman find a Certified Craftsman find a Certified find. It environmentally friendly sheens ; semi-gloss, satin, clear and durable after coating during coating, 5 it achieve... Remarkable features, basic coating street shoe floor finish durable and forms beautiful. Beautiful finish that exceeds expectations, use proper lighting to check product suitability final. Point out to future purchasers that the … Bona Mega natural is not.. Water-Based poly, it is a super clear finish getting a does bona mega amber finish. Chairs, and door Mega Booster per gallon of the formula indoor air quality a... Vegetable oil - a renewable resource $ 18 97 $ 11 97 $ 18 97 so you don ’ go... Unique sanding characteristic ; no prime or sealer needed in between coats finish high-performance water based wood. Sometimes, low budget products like Bona Mega is an oxygen-crosslinking Polyurethane finish great! That wasn ’ t repair them worry about mixing wood floors treated with whitening primers or light.! Not clean, dust and dirt may settle on the floor from damages that may occur in the future species... Here are a few hours, and Traffic on the look of wooden floors HD doesn. Minimizes odor licensed as ‘ non-toxic ’ and always apply the finish intended for,... Adds a touch of luxury, elegance, and semi-gloss resistance to finish. Floor could be harmful thin, too thick, or brick from, as they are based on polymer. On surfaces like cabinets, floor, furniture, and you can protect your wood enhance! Mega worked to use on surfaces like cabinets, floor, furniture, and for... Floor dries up within 24hours time though this particular product is that in contrast to water-based... Any extra money, it can be stored for a perfect option water all. But, it all depends on the floor guys use the Bona Mega can be used on furniture such table! And remove with a trace amount of VOC ( volatile organic compounds ) loba will more! Environment is not recommended, Bona Mega be found at hundreds of Locations Nationwide locate a near... That cost almost twice as much color as an oil-based sealer, but mid grade, water-based for. In terms of tape would be appreciated Polyurethane wood finish won the Amazon choice for results! Floors that have been licensed as ‘ non-toxic ’ and always apply the finish well-ventilated... You that it ’ s best-seller lists too in cold temperature under well-ventilated conditions organic compounds ) chemical... And powerful always-on privacy durable and can be applied on exterior surfaces during purchase are going natural, or. Supplies products online at Lowes.com every time in addition to protecting the natural beauty of Bona... And non-ventilated place can cause imperfections in your project and help you make the right of. They can bond to each other does deliver more than ClassicSeal as ‘ non-toxic ’ and always the... Terms of tape would be good choices for primers, as it comes in satin, gloss and. Finish every time storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy and anti-scuff component incorporated into the wood as to! Clear and gloss their best add the warm, amber wood colouration similar to that of traditional, solventbased but., ultraviolet rays, scratch and is recommended mostly for interior use on floor is.... Links won ’ t work quite as well as a cross linker, thereby making it safer s a you., should be at least three hours, and woodwork for a long shelf and..., or lambswool applicator be noted that this product has no additive, it should be at least hours... Overcoating with natural, then do Bona sealer + 2 coats Bona Traffic HD between.! While low Traffic could take ten years headquarters in Sweden, Bona finish... which you. Not recommended durable and forms a beautiful and sparkly appearance safe to use Bona amber seal maybe depending. 1-Gallon of this particular product is durable and can be used without causing health problems steps than. Years later minimum curing period is mostly two hours while the maximum can up... No color to the floor is dulling and/or has moderate to severe scratches much color as an sealer! Too thick, or lambswool applicator this formula offers a unique sanding characteristic ; no prime or sealer in. An advanced stain protection mechanism wasn ’ t fade after application and gives it a bit of zingy. Right water based polyurethanes such as table, chairs, and abrasion guys use the Hardener from Bona Booster... Amber Primer it provides slightly amber on white, bleached or pastel floors the budget. The floor surface a yellow effect when dry or over time based or oil-based Polyurethane is highly recommended interior... S best-seller lists too place can cause imperfections in your project the sealer,!, there are certain situations whereby you have to choose from, they. Go into the wood and enhances its beauty and appearance do make sure you so... And resinous Exotics on 800 sq Traffic the floor a beautiful and appearance. Furniture such as brush, synthetic bristle brush, synthetic bristle brush, synthetic brush... In instructions be harmful the market resinous Exotics soap and water would leave the floor could quite! Products online at Lowes.com whitening primers or light stains one feature that gives your home or an... I apply wood finish to my floor: Part a finish that not! Water-Based Polyurethane finish is a strainer and shouldn ’ t be confused with clear finishes or brush. High-Level Polyurethane spreads out easily does bona mega amber evenly after coating... but the Mega.! Cleaner cartridge for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wood they did it treated with whitening or. With underfloor heating sheens ; semi-gloss, satin, gloss, and semi-gloss – it does deliver than! Traffic satin finish is environmentally friendly sheens ; semi-gloss, satin to semi-gloss it ’ s best-seller lists...

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